The Garage Games

Garage Girls 2021 – Columbia, SC

2021 Garage Girls - Columbia, SC - Postponed

CrossFit Creed - May 15, 2021

The Garage Girls-Columbia Tour is a competition for ladies only in our 10k sq foot box. Divisions: Rx, Scaled and Masters (40+). Coolers with water and BANG! and swag bags to rival any big fancy race!
Due to Low registration, we will be postponing this competition to a future date TBD.

Get registered by May 5 to be guaranteed an athlete/competitor shirt!

Space for tents along the building, so bring your friends and extra chairs.

Vendor Info:  

 Primal Gourmet will be here with their delicious foods!

 ColorSteet Nails will add that sparkle to your fingers to help you get a barbell PR!

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2021 Garage Girls - Columbia, SC - Postponed


WO 1: Bottoms Up

10’ Time Cap Score: Time

3 Rounds for Time:  21-15-9

21 Cals on the Rower

15 American KBS

9 Burpees Over Rower (lateral) 


RX: 53#; KB; Scaled/Master: 35#

Burpee over Rower

RX: two foot hop over; Scaled/Masters: step over rower allowed

WO 2: Clean Up, All Aisles

12’ Workout Score A: 2 RM Clean Total Score B: Time completed

Min 0-3:00 – find 2 rep max clean. Any clean is allowed, but must be same clean for both lifts. Athlete will declare weight and confirmed by judge. TNG is not required, but regripping is not allowed. 

Min 3:00 – 4:00 Transition – athlete must change weight on bar for their division

4:00 – 12:00

100 DU

40 Toes to Bar

20 Power Cleans

10 OHS

Jump Rope

RX: 100 DU; Scaled/Masters: 100 DU or 200 Singles - must declare before workout begins

Toes to Bar/Knee Raises
RX: Toes to Bar; Scaled/Masters: Knee Raises

Power Cleans

RX: 105# Power Cleans; Scaled: 75# Power Cleans; Masters: 65# Power Cleans

OHS/Front Squats

RX: 105# OHS; Scaled: 75# Front Squat; Masters: 65# Front Squat

WO 3: Bells and Balls

9’ Time Cap, AMRAP Score: Reps completed

20 Alternating arm DB Snatch 

15 Wall Balls – 9\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' Target

10 Single arm DB Thruster

5 Chest to Bar

DB Snatch

RX: 35# DB; Scaled/Masters: 25# DB 

Wall Ball

RX: 20#; Scaled/Masters: 14# Wall Ball

Thruster/Goblet Squat

RX: 35#; DB; Scaled/Masters: Goblet squats with DB

CTB/Pull Ups

RX: CTB; Scaled/Masters: Pull Ups (Jumping allowed)

Floater Workout: Bo’s Press

2’ Time Cap, AMRAP Score: # Devil’s Press

50 DU – RX; 100 SU – Scaled/Masters

In remaining time, as many two hand dumbbell Devil’s Press as possible – 35# - RX; 25# Scaled/Masters