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World Wide WoD Gym Resolutions 2019

World Wide WoD Gym Resolutions 2019

At a box near you - January 26, 2019

The Repeat. The One that you measure all others against. Back, at your home gym in the New Year. Time to pony up your toughness and see who wins. You, or the old you. It better be the new you. Helena, Karena and Grace are back!

The shirt cut off date has passed and the shirts have been mailed.  If you registered after the cutoff, a shirt was/will be mailed to you if one was available in your size.

WoD Scales and Movement Standards – click HERE.

Score Cards Here (download and print)!


Interested in hosting this event?

There is a $50 fee to register your box which is refunded if you have 10 or more athletes register at your location. We share revenue with hosts and provide marketing via social media and marketing materials sent directly to the host. Shirts are provided to all athletes who register before the shirt cut off and medals are provided for the top three placements (male and female) in each division (medals are sent directly to athletes or their box after the competition).

The World WiDe WoD Gym Resolutions is a great community builder for your gym. This all inclusive competition has divisions for all ages (7 to 99), skills and abilities. Terrific for first time competitors and building excitment in your gym in the new year!

Click on the Host button above to register as a WWW host.