The Garage Games

Us VS Them 2013

Us VS Them 2013

Woodstock GA - September 7th

Four Person Team Event comes back to Woodstock. Pay attention, this will be one of THREE Southeast four person team events that will pave the road to the Garage Games Southeast Affiliate Cup. Details coming soon!


A one day event of 2 male, 2 female teams in the FIVE event series to crown a Southeast Garage Games Affiliate Cup Champion.  This event will be FREE to any affiliate teams who make it to the CrossFit Games 2013.

This one day comp will happen at The Garage, Home of The Garage Games.

WODS: (the loads and rep schemes are coming in their entirety in the next few days)

All WOD’s are done in a HEAD to HEAD fashion if we can insure the time for the event is preserved.  Shotgun start on all three WOD’s at once.

WOD – “The Plate”

Row Buy-In for all Team Members – 350M women, 550M men.Then, from a stack of weight (45# RX, Masters; 25# Open) pull the first weight from the stack on the side of the gym (Side A) and OHS (goblet squat for the women), pass through the legs to the next teammate awaiting it, then they OHS (goblet), once you pass the weight, you move to the back of the line. Once you’re holding the plate, your feet cannot be moved. We require three full passes for the whole team then the weight can be dropped in the stack at the far side of the room.To return to the weight stack (Side A), the team must choose one person per round who is the designated “power” for the wheel barrow, and they partner wheel barrow walk the rest of the team mates, 1 at a time, back to the line at Side A.  Once all members are back, and standing in a row again, the first person can begin their OHS.This continues until all weights are on the opposite side of the room.  At that time, all members will return to the same starting side (Side A) via wheel barrow, then will all run to the opposite side of the gym to start the OHS pass through from side B, moving the weights back to side A. This continues until time runs out.Scoring – each OHS or Goblet Squat is a rep, thus a team of 4, utilizing three passes to cover the floor (3 is the required amount), and 3 wheel barrow (one team member always running the “wheel barrow”) passes, = 15 REPS per round.  Total will be reps.  No partial points for incomplete wheel barrows passes.Movement Standards

  • Once an athlete is holding the plate, they cannot move their feet
  • The OHS/goblet squat must start with the hips fully open, perform a full depth squat, and ends with hips fully open.
  • For the OHS, the plate cannot be rested on the athlete’s head.
  • For the goblet squat, the plate must be held above waist level.
  • The weight can only be passed to a team mate between the legs. You cannot roll or throw the weight to your partner.
  • The last person to squat the weight can place it on the stack by turning and stacking.
  • Each wheel barrow walk must begin with the “power” athlete’s feet behind the line at side B and ends with the wheel barrow’s hands crossing the line at side A.
  • Only one member can be the “power” athlete moving the wheel barrows each round. Not required to do all rounds.
  • Any violation of these standards will result in a no rep and the team cannot progress until executed properly.

WOD – “Know Thy Self”

Total Team Reps to be completed:
200 Pull-ups, 200 Box Jumps(30″/24″), 8,000# Total Snatch Weight, 36,000# Total DL Weight, 400 Double UndersYou have two Barbells – and 2 sets of 15# and 25# plates, as well as 4 sets of 45# plates.  You have to set the two barbells up front.  And CANNOT CHANGE THEM (you can select a 15# or 33# in exchange for one of the 45# barbells at the start).  Once the weights are set, they are set.  You can however use the same barbell for 2 different movements – i.e. a 135# barbell is used for snatches as well as for Dead-lifts.  You can use the bars for both movements, you simply cannot change the weight.  Do your math ahead of time.  If you fall short of the required reps, you will be penalized significantly.  You must get the required totals, and it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.  If the scorer sees you failed twenty minutes after your heat, you will be penalized.  If you cannot multiply, please use a calculator.Here is the kicker – divide the work however you want, and accomplish it in any order, and partition it any way you like; BUT you will pre-select exactly how much work each team member is doing.  Their card will be filled out with an exact number of reps for each movement (they don’t have to do any, it is up to your team to use your teammates as you like), the WOD is done when the last member of your team completes the LAST Amount of work required.  No switching out work once the WOD starts.  You will have four minutes to set up your barbells, and make sure your reps are recorded on the score cards before start.  You will have four judges per team (two teams go at a time).Two Pull-up Stations, Two Boxes (all sizes so they can be flipped to accommodate either two guys, two girls, or even split), Two Barbells as described, two spaces for jump rope.  You can never have more than two people doing the same movement.OPEN: 200 pull-ups or jumping pull-ups (no rep scale), 200 Box jumps or step ups, 24″/20″, 6,000# of snatch, 24,000# of Deadlift, and 600 Single Unders (no DU’s allowed).YOU WILL NEED TO PRESENT YOUR BARBELL PLAN ON PAPER TO THE JUDGE AT THE WOD SETUP TIME (4 minutes until GO is called)

WOD CARDS to be filled out (or this if that link didn’t work)

15 Minute time cap – which is more than you need

Movement Standards

  • Pull-ups (RX and Masters):  Fully extended elbows at the bottom, chin over bar at the top, not at the bar, but OVER.  Jumping Pull-ups (OPEN): Fully extended arms at the bottom of the movement, chin over the bar at the top, we do not care how tall the box is, you either have to jump more or less, or squat more or less.
  • Box Jumps (RX and Masters) – Jump up, step or jump down.  PAUSE with hips fully open at the time.  Box Step-ups (OPEN Division)
  • Snatch – the movement is the same for all divisions.  Total weight is different for OPEN.  RX and Masters are the same.  From the ground (if you set a 45# barbell, 33# barbell or 15# barbell with no plates, the movement is from below the knee cap), one movement overhead.  You can press it out from over the head.  Muscle, Power, Split or Squat are all fine.  Bring yourself to FULL extension with feet aligned for the rep to count.  Dropping from the top is acceptable.
  • Dead-lift – the movement is the same for all divisions, less weight for OPEN than the RX and Masters. From the floor (if you choose a barbell without plates for deadlift, you will also start this barbell FROM THE FLOOR for every rep.  So if you are using a 45# barbell for snatches, you might not want to deadlift it. Full extension of knees and hips, with shoulders behind the bar at the top.
  • Double Unders (RX, Masters) – rope passes twice under for every jump.  Forwards or backwards is fine.  Single Unders (OPEN) – The rope passes once under for every jump, forwards or backwards is fine.

WOD – “Quest Obstacle Course Sprint”

Mini Firebreather team obstacle course.The arrangement – your team will start one at a time, in succession, every three minutes.  The course should take between 3 and 6 minutes to complete.  If your teammate catches up to the person ahead of them, then they have to wait (automatic penalty of time).  There will be ample wait time between teams, so you will not catch another team. Your order is: Male, Female, Male, Female – Pick ahead of time.  Two teams will be going side by side in RACE fashion.Start – pick up sandbag however you want, and carry it approximately 150M (down and back), drop and run towards wall number 1.  Over the wall, short sprint to next wall, harness sled and drag it 150M (down ad Back), short sprint to cargo net, up and over. Short sprint through the woods, back around to the bottom of the ramp to the gym, over the final wall.  Grab the Atlas Stone and Shoulder it 5 times (DL it 5 times for OPEN division), final sprint to the cowbell for time to be called.Walls are 12′ long so you have plenty of room to get over, last wall is also 12′ now.Scoring – the total of each of the four individual times.

Movement Standards

  • Sandbag carry – 100# men, 60# women: if you cannot get this to your shoulder, no worries.  Just carry it farmer style and sweat it out (this will be slower).
  • Wall scaling – you can use the rails on the sides to help yourself over.  These are 6′ tall kicking another athlete in the head on the way over is not a penalty unless we deem that you were being aggressive (20 second penalty).
  • Sled drag, use the harness however you like, 45# for the women, 90# for the men.  Less than 150M now, closer to 80M, due to logistics of spectator movement.
  • Cargo net, use whatever method you can to scale the cargo net.  The two nets will probably not be exactly alike, so the first person off the sled gets to pick their lane, the second person has to go to the OPEN lane.  If your preceding teammate is right in front of you, you have to follow that person.
  • Stone Shoulder (RX, Masters) Dead-lift (Open): 5 reps (ignore earlier report of 10).  1 minute penalty for missing any reps on the stone work.  So if you cannot get 5, don’t do any, and take the penalty.

The Masters Division:

All movements are the same as RX and LOADS!!!!
40+ for all four members.


Location –   The Garage – 110 Londonderry Court, Suite 122 Woodstock GA  30188