The Garage Games


Mudbug Melee 2

Ridgeland, MS - April 30, 2016

Come join us for a 1-day event being held in conjunction with the Mississippi Cajun Fest 2016! This will be an outside event which will take place during the all-day Mississippi Cajun Fest that will be featuring many live bands, thousands of pounds of crawfish, tons of arts, crafts, and other activities for the whole family! This event will be run as fast as possible so everyone can spend the remainder of the afternoon and night enjoying festivities while still testing all levels of fitness. Prizes included will be (2) YETI cups, customized with our Mudbug Melee logo for 1st and second place finishers in both the Rx and Scaled divisions. Every team entry will include (2) all-day passes for Cajun Fest along with (2) t-shirts. All TEAMS must be either male-male or female-female!!

For details on the Mississippi Cajun Fest, click HERE!

*Please note that the farmers carry for SCALED women has changed!  It is now the same as the Rx women’s weight!!

**Please note that these WODs may change slightly in weight, reps, and time, etc**


2000 m Row + 150 KBS @RX 70/53, Scaled 53/35

* Both partners may work at same time, but not on same movement

* Broken up in any way chosen

* 1 Rower – 1 KB

* 15 min cap for Scaled

Example – Partner 1 may choose to row 500 m while partner 2 performs 30 KBS before switching



Clean & Jerk @ RX135/95, Scaled 95/65

* One bar – One work -One rest

* Both partners must perform as many clean & jerks as possible in 5 Min

*May be broken in anyway chosen


“Farmer’s Carry”

* Team will perform a total of 8 rounds of 100ft. Farmer’s Carry

* Partner 1 will perform10 over bar burpees – advance carry bars 50ft., turn around and carry 50ft.back.  This will be counted as one round.  At that point, Partner 2will perform the same movements.

* Burpees will be performed over barbell used in WOD 2.  These are lateral burpees.

* Carry will be performed with Rogue Farmer’s Carry Bars.  One in each hand.  These weigh approx. 10 lbs. each and have handles.  

* RX Male 4 – 45 lb.plates –  approx. 100 lbs. total for each bar

* RX Female 4 – 25 lb.plates – approx. 60 lbs. total for each bar

* Scaled Male 4 – 35 lb.plates – approx. 80 lbs. total for each bar

* Scaled Female 4 – 25 lb.plates – approx. 60 lbs. total for each bar