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GGJC – CrossFit 92 Champions

GGJC - CrossFit 92 Champions

Hiram, GA - January 21, 2017

The Garage Games Junior Champions Tour, hosted by CrossFit 92, is open to all youth ages 7-18.

CrossFit 92 is pleased to host The Garage Games Junior Champions Tour 2016-17.

3 WoDs and 4 Divisions.

WoD 1 – Snatch a Burpee. This is an upward ladder (3,6,9,12,15,18…) of snatches (hang snatches for youth and power snatches for teens) and burpees over bar.

WoD 2a – 1RM Max Snatch. This WoD is for the Teen (16-18) division only.

WoD 2b – Swing, Jump and Carry. This WoD begins with a 25m bear crawl buy in followed by an 5 RFT (Youth 7-9) or 7 RFT (all others) of kettlebell swings, farmer’s carry and box jumps.

WoD 3 – GGJCT Chipper II. This year’s chipper WoD has a little bit of everything in an ascending ladder followed by a reverse order descending ladder (10,20,30,40,50,40,30,20,10). Below are the movements that make up this chipper. There are some variations by division, please refer to the Standards and WoDs document below for details.

    10 high knees or knees to elbow or toes to bar (see your division)
    20 thrusters
    30 abmat sit-ups
    40 weighted forward lunges
    50 single unders or double unders (see your division)
    40 weighted forward lunges
    30 abmat sit-ups
    20 thrusters
    10 high knees or knees to elbow or toes to bar (see your division)

Get all the details here:
GGJCT 2016-17 WoDs and Standards

May 2017 10

May 10, 2017 – The Garage Games is pleased to announce the winners of The Garage Games Junior Champion’s Tour 2016-17. These Junior Champion’s are qualified to compete at The Garage Games Junior Invitational on June 10, 2017 at the Georgia International Convention Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Join us in recognizing these outstanding athletes!

Youth (7-9) Female
1 Lola Blankinship
2 Kaylee Jones
3 Virginia Woodcock

Youth (7-9) Male
1 RJ Mestre
2 Cooper Mestre
3 Asher Maurice

Youth (10-12) Female
1 Mili Watts
2 Talley Reed
3 London Williams

Youth (10-12) Male
1 Liam Jones
2 RJ Mestre
3 Spencer Knoll

Teen (13-15) Female
1 Kelsey Heibeck
2 Madalyn Hannan
3 Audrey Gruenhut

Teen (13-15) Male
1 Andrew Rabern
2 Cade Woodcock
3 Logan Hicks

Teen (16-18) Female
1 Lily Slater
2 Maddie Maloney
3 Kristjana Berg

Teen (16-18) Male
1 Tiger Tokunaga
2 Ethan Flores
3 Cade Woodcock