The Garage Games

2014 Garage Games One

2014 Garage Games One

Suwanee GA - February 14-16

The ONE that started it all. From 2010 at 185 competitors, to 960 in 2013. This year we have planned and planned and planned to make this one the absolute best event of the year. Back at the Suwanee Sports Academy, with 3 Indoor WOD areas, and an Outdoor area! Masters on Friday evening and Saturday Morning. Individuals all day Saturday, and Teams all day Sunday.

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SPECTATOR TICKETS – Look to the upper right side of this page
ALL Competitors are free for the weekend.  In addition, Team Competitors, Beginners, Masters and Individuals are given a Day pass for ONE other person.

Under 17 are also free all weeekend.

Parents of Youth and Teen Competitors are given a free DAY PASS for the day they are competing.

Volunteers (day or more) are given free access for the entire weekend.

We cannot refund these, so don’t buy if you don’t need to, and if you realize you don’t need one, give it away.




FITMARK Know Thy Self.v2

The Know Thy Self Worksheet is DUE by Sunday (2/9) at 11:59pm, else your team will be given an “event director decided” split of the required work.  Email to Mark.



February 14th – 16th  Suwanee Sports Academy (SSA)

Important Registration Information

Youth/Teen – Priced at $50 – will not increase
Beginner – Priced at $100 – will not increase
Masters – Priced at $75 – will not increase

Basic Schedule

Friday – Masters
Saturday – Masters Completion, Individuals
Sunday – Teams

Compete any two days, and receive WOD pants from WODLife as a special memento of your accomplishment.

Hotel Information

Hotel Deal (this will book up very quickly):

You can also call the front desk if you prefer (mention Garage Games ONE to get the special rate)  – 770-495-7600

Other Hotel Blocks –

Hampton Inn Sugarloaf




Homewood Suites Sugarloaf


FUEL Food Truck and Catering – Pre-Order Page

Pre-Made Paleo – Pre-Order Page


Division Descriptions

There are a ton of DIVISIONS.  Other than pricing above, the information to the right is correct for current registration prices.

$4,000 to top ELITE level Male and Female, $2,000 to top RX 2 Male/2 Female Team.  No other cash prizes at this time (unless we can get some more sponsors, or if registration takes off).

  1. Elite Male/Female – not scared of anything, if we ask you to do a circus trick, you’ll do it, though our facebook post has us thinking no circus tricks this year.
  2. RX Male/Female – you do the WOD’s RX in your box, but you look a little hesitantly at the Games Programming, not scared, but you wonder… I might not look that good when comparing my max CJ, or those bar muscle ups.
  3. Masters Male/Female RX- The 40-44 year old group will be right behind the RX in their requirements.  Yeah, we expect you could do Chest to Bar Pull-ups, and muscle ups.  By the time we get to the Masters RX 60+ group, we will be thinking pull-ups, but most everything will have scaling.  This is for a 60 year old who can move loads comparable to scaled weights, but doesn’t have all the skills… contrary to the original post, no double unders in this group!
  4. Masters Male/Female Scaled –  Basically take the scaled level of competition, and scale it down further.  Less load, less reps perhaps, and less skill.  Catch all for ANYONE from 40 years and up who are scaled.
  5. Scaled Male/Female – Typical scaled athlete.  You can CrossFit, oh yes you can, but the pull-ups might be tough, chest to bar are a stretch for sure.  You might be strong, but you might not, so we’ll make sure you are comfy regardless.  If you step up on a box, yeah, sure, no prob.
  6. Beginner Male/Female – You have been in CrossFit 6 months or less typically, or a couple years, but it has been a long road to get where you are, and most movements and weights pose problems.  We’ll take care of ya!
  7. Youth All Ages – following the guidelines of CrossFit HQ on the programming.  This will be FUN!  Just like last year, you’ll have a volunteer that will be your CRUISE DIRECTOR taking you from WOD to WOD, and making sure you are loving the day (Saturday Only).
  8. Teen All Ages – We expect you can do work, sometimes incredible amounts of it.  If you RX all the WOD’s in your box, and hang with the top dogs, then go RX.  But if you do them RX minus loads, and you aren’t quite able to keep up at the top of the heap, then the Teen group is for you.  The younger teens will NOT max out, or test that arena.  But you’ll be called to show us you can do work.  Skills will not be tested in younger teens, but older teens could be double undering, and pistoling like the RX.
  9. RX Teams – 2 Men/2 Women – You want to go to the Games one day.  Perhaps its a stretch, but you know it would be awesome.  You are here to compete.  You know we aren’t going to throw crazy stuff at ya, but you also know we are going to test your ability to do work, as well as work as a team.
  10. RX 4 Men – we just added this due to demand.  This is our second level of RX Competition, meaning – bigger prizes to the mixed team, smaller prizes to this group.
  11. OPEN Teams – from 4 women, to 0 women (this is how our registration page lists it, so if you are 4 guys, you pick the 0 women option) – This is pure fun!  You will be tested, but there will be scaling so any beginner COULD jump on a team.  Just don’t put 4 together, or you might not finish anything.  But expect a great time in this division!  You will only be competing for medals in this division, 1st, 2nd, 3rd in each division separately, so if you are 0 women, you only compete against 0 women… same for every other division along the way.

ELITE – This will be the highest level, thus the greatest prizes.

RX, Beginner, Scaled and RX Team (2 Guys and 2 Girls ONLY for RX), OPEN Teams of 4 (4 girls, 3 girls, 2 girls, 1 girl, 0 girls) – in OPEN you are competing against your division only.  The most populated divisions will be all one gender or equal mix (historically). Additional Divisions now open: Youth 7-9, 10-12; Teen 13-14, 15-17; Masters 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+

WOD Set-up

Three WOD Areas inside and one outside  (Youth and Teen have a separate inside WOD area) – 3 WOD’s guaranteed for all divisions.

Teams – RX = Mixed Gender 2/2 or 4 men, OPEN = scaled/RX competitors.  Scaled competitors will be fine, but having RX quality competitors could be an advantage in weights (accomplishing total load in WOD’s with different weight options) and in skills (reduce reps by doing chin over bar pull-ups, etc).  When registering, you will pick your team based on the number of total women on your team.

0 Girls, 1 Girl, 2 Girls, 3 Girls, 4 Girls… which would mean you would have 4 men, 3 men, etc to 0 men.


Friday 2/14 –
12:00pm – Check in available from NOON until 4pm
4:00 – Masters – TWO WOD’s on Friday the 14th starting at 4pm  Take the whole day, get there at Noon to check in and relax
8:00 – Wrap up, hit the EXPO area

Saturday 2/15 –
7:45am – Doors OPEN, Check in available all DAY
8:00am – Inspirational/Motivational Speaker on the Main Stage
8:15am – Masters WOD #3
9:00am – RX, Scaled, Beginner, Teen and Youth – Begin your WOD’s (3 WOD’s total)
12:00pm – LUNCH – Speaker on the Main Stage
1:00pm – WOD’s Continue
5:45pm – Tony Blauer – The SPEAR System
6:15pm – Presentation of Awards on Side Stage for all divisions besides ELITE
6:45pm – Finals WOD RX (top 10)
7:15pm – Presentation of awards RX
7:30pm – 9:00pm – EXPO Deals In Effect

Sunday 2/16 –
8:00am – Doors OPEN, Check In available, Speaker on the Main Stage
8:30am – WOD’s Start for ALL Teams
12:30pm – LUNCH – Speaker on the Main Stage
1:30pm – WOD’s Continue
5:45pm – Presentation on side stage for all AWARDS
6:30pm – Closing Ceremony



  • Accredited Judges $50 for one day, $150 for two days (MUST BE ACCREDITED to be paid- or you can choose refunds from competition – one day judges will get 50% off on a second day of competition, or if you do a half day, you can still get 25% off of on a second day competition)
  • You can volunteer two days, and get 100% off on competition on the third day (Friday – Masters, Saturday – Individuals, Sunday – teams)
  • Judges need to APPLY, application is being emailed periodically to those who have registered above to volunteer
  • All volunteers will be fed from Pre-Made Paleo or Fuel
  • 2 Day volunteers – Hotel Stay provided – email followup after registering
  • 1 Day Volunteers can earn 50% off on other day competition, if not competing get a credit for the GG Merch Store, volunteer two days and compete free the third
  • To receive your 50% off, you must register at full price first, then when you complete your volunteer service we will refund you the following week (just like last year), if receiving merchandise credit, you will be given a gift code at completion of your service.  GG Store will stay open til after hours on Sunday.
  • If you judge 1 day, you can get 50% off on the other day or get paid $50, REMEMBER you are applying.  We turned away volunteers last year.
  • T-shirts for volunteers, as always, will be cool.
  • Applications are being sent out to prospective judges on an ongoing basis.

Parking will be $5 per car.  No free parking.  Spectator tickets will be available soon, we will put a price increase in, hoping to get early commitments.